Afl rejects tim watson claims essendon players deal supplements

Afl rejects tim watson claims essendon players deal supplements


Fremantle players believe some of their supplements have been tampered with but say the Essendon team is well-managed.

It comes after a report said Essendon players had been supplied with illicit supplements after allegedly receiving payments for using them.

It also shows the AFL has refused an inquiry by the ASADA inquiry into the Essendon supplements issue.

Players say there has been an ongoing debate over whether Essendon was properly managing the players’ su온라인 카지노pplements but, given the lack of transparency, they do not believe there was systemic involvement.

«It’s pretty much a cover up, really,» defender David Myers said.

«I think the Essendon story is a bigger story than the Carlton story, which is what it’s come down to.

«As long as they say it, we’ll continue to believe them.

«I haven’t heard the evidence so I’m not sure what the evidence says but I’m fairly sure the players우리카지노 believe what they say and they deserve the evidence they’ve got.»

Watson says Essendon players are not given proper access to the training room.

«Essendon training staff, if you want to put it in terms of the playing group, they’re always there during the day.

«They’re the ones who take turns in the kitchen; they’re the ones who clean and do the laundry; they’re the ones who eat the dinner meals.

«Essendon is the first team in sports that’s not allowed to be there, let alone go into that kitchen and do that in a way that isn’t inappropriate 블랙 잭in any way.»

Essendon coach James Hird says a strong focus should be on tackling long-term injuries.

«It’s important to be consistent in that you’ve got to address those things from day to day and you’ve got to ensure that you’ve got players that are healthy throughout their careers so you’ve got to take care of those injuries,» he said.

«I think we’ve got a very good structure now, I think we’ve got an approach from James [Hird] that has all the elements of making sure we get as good a player as possible in his position and we’re just working to get the player we’ve got into a position where we can win a premiership.»

The AFL’s managing director, Dave Smith, said the board would continue to hold regular weekly meetings with the team.

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