Ugandan peacekeeper shot dead in darfurka district

Ugandan peacekeeper shot dead in darfurka district

On Sunday evening, two female soldiers shot dead an unarmed man in the darfurka district near Kandy in West Uganda, locals said.

The soldiers, who are in the village, have been questioned over the incident, said Ngoi, the village chief.

An angry mjarvees.comob also attacked nearby houses carrying armed men in response to the incident.

A number of angry people fired guns and threw rocks and stones at the soldiers who were guarding the road that leads to the darfurka village, which lies on the southern tip of Kandy.

A Kandy police spokesman, Mwandu, told the Guardian the two soldiers had shot the unarmed man with a Kalashnikov. «They were on duty and there was a dispute between them, with one of the soldiers shooting the other.»

A witness who worked nearby said witnesses to the incident described a large group of youths at the village’s main entrance.

Kadym Nkamba, 33, told the Guardian that when the men of the darfurka menhood arrived to look after a dog, two men shot at them. «They were firing from behind. We heard four-five shots [the soldiers] were hearing but were stunned and did not see if any of the men were hit. There was no-one to be seen with them. Some ran away and tried to protect a dog on the road.»

Facebook Twitter Pinterest A wounded man lies on the ground after being shot by a crowd protesting a shooting on Sunday morning. Photograph: J바카라사이트ames Kitsis/The Guardian

The men were shot while lying on the road and Nkamba said a woman who had seen the shot told him: «You are now dead … the women are going to carry out the rape now, they are going to kill us all. That’s what you have done to us … you are just a tool of the people. They killed us.»

The soldiers are now investigating, Kadym Nkamba said. A senior official at the Kandy municipal police force told AFP that the soldiers had initially called the shots on the darfurka menhoods, but later went into their home and shot him dead. «That night the soldiers shot the two men [who had been unarmed], and then [they] took them to their office and murdered them, then shot the first one who tried to help another man injured in the shooting.»

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