Tango stars to tour australia and kuala regency

Tango stars to tour australia and kuala regency

The Aussie sensation of this stage wa카지노 사이트s in a similar situation to him but as he has not been touring with the likes of Big Gigantic, Puddle of Mudd and more recently with Zedd and Deorro.

It has been a whirlwind of a career for him which has seen him win over the Australian public, and have the chance to become the first man to play and headline an Australian tour in his life.

We spoke to the Aussie-inspired singer about working with Nick Mason, touring with a big-name and how to turn the spotlight on himself.

What is your dream concert?

I would love to play in Australia for the first time – but I would probably be playing a big hit song.

What are the greatest challenges of being in the game, with the likes of Nick Mason and The Chemical Brothers playing at your shows?

It’s been great, but when you’re going for an Australian festival then you’re travelling around Australia and getting a lot of support. You go and you have to take on a lot of responsibilities. You have to be aware of the venues to ensure that there’s not a bottleneck at times because of lack of ticket demand. You just have to be patient and enjoy what you’ve got, just do your job and make the show as good as you can without having to worry too much about your reputation.

Did you get to meet Zedd at your show in Melbourne, if so what was the conversation like? Did it surprise you when he made a return?

I was really, really taken by the way he treated me and was just super warm and friendly and I love all that. We ended up 바카라going for a long time afterwards and we just chatted for a bit so it was great to go back and meet each other. He’s a pretty cool guy as well and he gave me a tour of the venue so I could see what was being worked on and where the doors were. I was really pleased with how it all went.

Do you like going to festivals and where they are?

It’s just not as bad as playing around Me바카라사이트lbourne because it’s such a big festival site. When you’ve got it in a proper room and have the right staff, it’s nice. But in order to do festivals well, it’s important to take care of the music. So for the Australian tour, my job was just to have fun and enjoy the experience. I wa