Bill paves way for cloning research

Bill paves way for cloning research

A year ago, when the World Bank president, Jim Yong Kim, announced his ambitious plan to push China to put billions of dollars into scientific cloning, many were skeptical he would succeed.

But, recently, Kim said China would invest $50 billion in cloning and $75 billion in tissue engineering, leading many analysts to put more faith in Kim’s plans.

China would also be pushing in cloning research of more types of animals, such as primates and elephants, said Jochen Steltenberg, director of China’s Center for Genomics and Technology. But there are still concerns about the ethics of putting money into such research, he added.

In a statement Wednesday, U.S. Senator Bill Nelson criticized China’s cloning plan.

«In the face of grave concerns about human rights and the use of biomedical research money for illicit purposes, the Chinese government should immediately 클럽 에이 카지노withdraw its proposed $75 billion investment to advance biomedical research and to accelerate the country’s successful advancement in tissue engineering,» Nelson said.

He called cloning the first step in a future in which many forms of life would become common. But cloning isn’t the only research China hopes to make more affordable and accessible for the poor.

«In 2016, China will invest nearly $100 billion in biomedical research — an amount equivalent to the entire annual research budget of the NIH,» said Lee. «So China’s future biomedical research spending may outstrip the NIH funding in the next two decades.»

U.S. officials said Chinese investments in biomedical research could generate $25 billion to $50 billion in revenue, and that the money would be used to support Chinese scientists who are seeking new areas of research, or to develop countries where new and innovativ온라인 카지노 추천e biomedical technologies are available.

Some of those people — including medical ethicists, stem-cell scientists, and others — think the Chinese government should take more of the money.

«Cloning is a way to provide better treatment to the poorest Chinese citizens by enabling better medical care and potential바카라 게임 방법ly reducing the cost of biomedical research,» said John Delgambo, director of the Center for Gene Therapy and Human Genetics at New York University.

The US is the world’s leader in research funding, and it plans to continue making advances in stem-cell research even as the United States remains behind in other fields such as cancer treatments and embryonic stem cell research, which are also important for human health, some medical ethicists say.

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