Ama rejects pathology accreditation inquiry in NSW and calls for inquiry to address’systemic’ flaws

Ama rejects pathology accreditation inquiry in NSW and calls for inquiry to address’systemic’ flaws


The head of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) has urged inquiries into internal pathology reports to focus on their overall effectiveness and the need to identify systemic problems that can contribute to poor quality.

In a letter dated Wednesday, AMA chief executive David Thodey called for two investigations into the performance and integrity of pathology accreditation reports — one in New South Wales and the other in Victoria.

The letter also called on the Victorian Health Authority to hold further public hearings into how it was responding to concerns about internal pathology reports.

The Victorian government’s chief medical officer has written to the Victorian Health Authority asking to have a separate investigation into internal reports to assess potential risks posed by them.

The government has promised to set out the results of that review by the end of June this year.

The letter to Mr Thodey said «systemic failures» in the accreditation of diagnostic facilities, as well as failure to acknowledge failings were «the most serious» problem that the AMA could face.

It called for a review of the practice of accreditation by the AMA, including that in the State of Victoria.

«I strongly recommend the AMA hold a public inquiry into how they deal with systemic failures and problems across the syCDC 철도청 카지노stem that are potentially significant,» Dr Thodey wrote.

«I also urge the AMA to conduct a formal process on a strategic level within its organisation and establish a body to conduct this inquiry.»

The Victorian Health Authority said it has been making a «substantial amount of progre온라인 바카라ss» in addressing the needs of its patients with «good» external medical accreditation from the AMA.

«Our clinical workforce, including staff trained by accredited pra우리 카지노ctitioners, is fully funded and fully accountable for all services provided to our patients,» a statement read.

«This has not been an issue for us at this point in time.»

The statement said the ACCD investigation, which has been in place since October 2013, was «in compliance with our policies».

The Victorian Health Authority will also hold a public inquiry into its response to the AMA’s recommendations.

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