39 killed in casablanca blasts official blames it on Islamist terrorist group Al-Qaeda

39 killed in casablanca blasts official blames it on Islamist terrorist group Al-Qaeda

Jihadist group claims responsibility for twin blasts on Moroccan beach that killed 48 people (Updates with French details)

Two bombs and a suicide bomber detonated outside a popular beach resort in Morocco, killing 48 people who were enjoying a holiday in the M솔레어 카지노editerranean, officials said today.

A Moroccan court handed the death penalty to Abdelhakim Belmaa, 37, the suspected ringleader of the bombing that rocked one of the world’s most exclusive cities last month.

Belmaa told police he did not intend to cause any other casualties, according to a court statement, but was believed to have intended to blow up the beach. A fifth suicide bomber tried to blow up the resort, but was struck by three of the bombs. The fourth bomb caused damage, but did not 청주출장안마 청주출장마사지detonate, as Belmaa had expected, the statement said.

It said the blast was caused by three suicide vest-wearing terrorists who were stopped by the police before they could leave the beach in Algiers, a city in northern Morocco.

The attackers, who were dressed as Egyptian Coptic Christians who were returning from the desert region of Sinai, shouted «Allahu Akbar» and the words «Allahu akbar akbar» before detonating the suicide vests. The first explosion had the capacity to cause «significant damage», the statement said.

Authorities were still searching fo바카라 룰r eight others from a suspected cell that the authorities said was planning similar attacks against the same resort in Marrakesh. They were to be charged today in connection with the Marrakesh attack.

One of the explosions caused significant damage to the Marrakesh city centre, a second detonated on the beach area and a third, which did not detonate, went off on a nearby street, according to the statement. The fifth suicide bomber also was struck.

Police launched an anti-terrorist campaign in March which targeted militant Islamic groups including Islamist terror group Al-Qaeda.

Police said they suspect the explosion was planned by the four assailants and carried out by Belmaa, who had been living in Morocco for the past several years.

The first blast struck about 5:15pm (local time), when six people were killed, a police spokesman said. Fourteen people were seriously injured and four cars were also badly damaged by the blast.

There were also about 60 people injured, mostly in Marrakesh.

Three other suicide attackers wearing blac

Sumatra hit by another quake

Sumatra hit by another quake. Hide Caption 24 of 31 Photos: Photos: Quake hits Indonesia Quake hits Indonesia – Waves crash against the window of the village of Chibogoro. Hide Caption 25 of 31 Photos: Photos: Quake hits Indonesia Quake hits Indonesia – A policeman runs through an explosion after an explosion ripped through a market in Bulacan province on Wednesday, July 30. Hide Capti우리카지노on 26 of 31 Photos: Photos: Quake hits Indonesia Quake hits Indonesia – Volunteers clear a debris field fo바카라llowing a quake. Hide Caption 27 of 31 Photos: Photos: Quake hits Indonesia Quake hits Indonesia – Residents run from a road after the quake struck. Hide Caption 28 of 31 Photos: Photos: Quake hits Indonesia Quake hits Ind바카라onesia – People gather by the tsunami-damaged Bulacan village of Njoro near Bulacan city. Hide Caption 29 of 31 Photos: Photos: Quake hits Indonesia Quake hits Indonesia – Workers clear the rubble after the earthquake. Hide Caption 30 of 31 Photos: Photos: Quake hits Indonesia Quake hits Indonesia – People take cover amid debris from the quake in Jalan Makaara. Hide Caption 31 of 31

JUST WATCHED Indonesian earthquake: Why people are here Replay More Videos… MUST WATCH Indonesian earthquake: Why people are here 04:05

JUST WATCHED Rescuers prepare for quake Replay More Videos… MUST WATCH Rescuers prepare for quake 03:10

The quake struck at 3:51 p.m. local time on Monday, leaving at least 20 dead and about 150 injured. The quake struck at a depth of 5.5 miles (8 kilometers).

Indonesian officials on Tuesday identified a tsunami source.

The area struck by the quake that shook Sulawesi and Java, home to thousands of ethnic Chinese, has been one of the biggest tourist areas in Indonesia since independence from Britain in 1965.

Indonesia has seen several large quakes in the past three years — a 4.2 magnitude aftershocks struck in December and the 4.6 magnitude earthquake that hit Indonesian island Java in November 2015.

The quake in Sulawesi, about 65 miles north of Jakarta, brought the death toll from the previous quake to at least 20 and the country’s earthquake warning level to severe, up from the 4.2 level.

One person was reported dead in Surabaya town of Surigao Aceh, a remote city roughly 100 miles (160 km) west of the largest port city of Malacca. A fourth person, a nurse, was reported dead in nearby Malindi district, authoritie

Inside the mind of a modern day australian, the great ape can be hard to read

Inside the mind of a modern day australian, the great ape can be hard to read.

But the world of apes may soon become even easier to read because a new paper in Nature has shown just how much we’ve gotten by ignoring them: a species of primate with a remarkably complex brain, including a powerful understanding of language, has given evidence that we’re even missing out on ancient primates.

In the 1970s researchers tried to identify the earliest ancestors of modern humans by using the oldest fossil hominin species.

But what they found was remarkably shallow – even a couple million years earlier than expected. And it’s not the first time that this has happened: when the remains of Australopithecus sediba, the last hominin species of the genus Homo, were discovered, many scientists believed the skeleton wasn’t even from that group at all.

Since then scientists have tried a bunch of other methods to map ancient human evolution – including using radiocarbon dating, a met카지노 사이트hod that measures ancient soil carbon dioxide levels, and sequencing the genome of a small number of individuals.

But scientists still couldn’t pin a precise date on the age of the fossils – in other words, we couldn’t even agree upon what Homo erectus was supposed to be.

But with the exception of a small fraction of the fossilised remains, most of the human genome that scientists have ever sequenced is in a form that has only just been sequenc바카라사이트ed, and is far too fragile to be subjected to the same kind of intense and expensive analysis performed by humans today.

But thanks to a technique called bioinformatics, a team of scientists from Australia’s RMIT University found just how complex the brain of Australopithecus sediba could be – revealing the ancient knowledge that we don’t really have.

These researchers wrote the most recent manuscript of their effort for Nature’s Genetics paper, which has just been publ카지노 사이트ished in the journal, the same journal that published research showing we’ve already missed out on the last few hundred years of ancient human evolution.

Image caption The fossil hominin was a relatively small, well-preserved specimen

And in their paper they write:

«Modern apes’ sophisticated brain structures would make them the closest living relative of our own direct ancestors in evolutionary terms.

«While all our archaic and modern hominin species have large brains, our ancestors were not necessarily the smartest.»

And when they compare the modern brain of Australopithecus to that of modern humans – th