39 killed in casablanca blasts official blames it on Islamist terrorist group Al-Qaeda

39 killed in casablanca blasts official blames it on Islamist terrorist group Al-Qaeda

Jihadist group claims responsibility for twin blasts on Moroccan beach that killed 48 people (Updates with French details)

Two bombs and a suicide bomber detonated outside a popular beach resort in Morocco, killing 48 people who were enjoying a holiday in the M솔레어 카지노editerranean, officials said today.

A Moroccan court handed the death penalty to Abdelhakim Belmaa, 37, the suspected ringleader of the bombing that rocked one of the world’s most exclusive cities last month.

Belmaa told police he did not intend to cause any other casualties, according to a court statement, but was believed to have intended to blow up the beach. A fifth suicide bomber tried to blow up the resort, but was struck by three of the bombs. The fourth bomb caused damage, but did not 청주출장안마 청주출장마사지detonate, as Belmaa had expected, the statement said.

It said the blast was caused by three suicide vest-wearing terrorists who were stopped by the police before they could leave the beach in Algiers, a city in northern Morocco.

The attackers, who were dressed as Egyptian Coptic Christians who were returning from the desert region of Sinai, shouted «Allahu Akbar» and the words «Allahu akbar akbar» before detonating the suicide vests. The first explosion had the capacity to cause «significant damage», the statement said.

Authorities were still searching fo바카라 룰r eight others from a suspected cell that the authorities said was planning similar attacks against the same resort in Marrakesh. They were to be charged today in connection with the Marrakesh attack.

One of the explosions caused significant damage to the Marrakesh city centre, a second detonated on the beach area and a third, which did not detonate, went off on a nearby street, according to the statement. The fifth suicide bomber also was struck.

Police launched an anti-terrorist campaign in March which targeted militant Islamic groups including Islamist terror group Al-Qaeda.

Police said they suspect the explosion was planned by the four assailants and carried out by Belmaa, who had been living in Morocco for the past several years.

The first blast struck about 5:15pm (local time), when six people were killed, a police spokesman said. Fourteen people were seriously injured and four cars were also badly damaged by the blast.

There were also about 60 people injured, mostly in Marrakesh.

Three other suicide attackers wearing blac

Us hostage escapes iraqi captors

Us hostage escapes iraqi captors

Mesopotamia (June 30, 2014) – Two ISIS militants are reportedly killed in a terrorist attack in northern Iraq, although the group claimed the attack was a mistake.

The second h창원 출장 안마ostage, apparently a female hostage, escaped from their custody in the city of Qaraqosh during the evening of the 24th of June, before dawn local time (12.30am). In the early hours of the morning, ISIS militants stormed the building where the militants held the hostage, seizing at least two more hm카지노ostages while one was taken hostage, according to local media reports.

Mesopotamia is an Arab country in the middle of the Euphrates River, and borders Iraq’s Nineveh region.

It is home to Iraq’s Kurdish population, which began to take a more active role in the battle against ISIS in August 2014 when it declared itself in the region’s self-declared caliphate. Over time, Iraq’s Kurdish forces have become the most well-known and experienced component of the Iraqi army and Kurdish resistance to ISIS.

«We can confirm that the last hostage was an ISIS member,» the Iraqi National Police (ANP) quoted Lt. Col. Ahmed al-Obeidi as telling the Iraqi News Agency. «No other details or details were provided to clarify this claim.»

Earlier this month, the Islamic State (ISIS) announced that they had captured 22 hostages and abducted a fourth during a surprise attack on the town of Taza, a couple of miles to the west of Tal Afar. Although the attacks were initially blamed on local insurgents, they also proved to be the work of the group’s foreign supporters to infiltrate the town and set traps to lure in innocent civilians.

Despite these setbacks, ISIS and other jihadists are targeting and killing civilians in large numbers on a much grander scale than ever before, and are conducting many more attacks throughout the region. It is estimated that the terrorist group executed about 200 children in the 2014 Iraqi conflict. ISIS regularly holds hundreds of hostages of all ages, many of whom are kept captive for ransom or in horrific conditions in remote locations.

The Mosul dam crisis was a major turning point that forced ISIS to dramatically shift their tactics in its campaign, as more groups across the country began to face the same issues facing them: the lack of resources, infrastructure, and, most particularly, support from Iraqi state institutions in terms of securing the re포커gion. The United Nations Security Council has also recently declared 2016 «the Year of the Militant Kurdistan,» th