Dogs used to help with children literacy illawarra council says

Dogs used to help with children literacy illawarra council says


The use of dogs to teach children about health issues has been outlawed by a council in west Sydney.

Wests Tigers chief executive officer of social and community development Mike O’Keefe says this is an effort to reduce the number of children affected.

«We have a number of initiatives out there aro샌즈 카지노und health issues,» he said.

«One of our main initiatives for children in our schools is learning about cancer and the risk that it poses, or any of the potential complications it can pose to the person, and that they should use and know how to use the most up-to-date information, or용인출장마사지 to read the latest medical literature and talk to people about that and to understand those topics in a way they may not be able to.

«It’s just a very, very common approach, and when we see something like this or one of our other initiatives involving children in our schools, we take that very seriously.

«It’s to improve that learning experience in the child’s head.

«That’s something that안산출장샵 has been going on in our schools, but it’s also also an important part of the wider strategy that we want to support in our health and education programmes.»

Councillor James Tod says this is one of the toughest decisions he has had to make.

«It’s a very tough one because if you’re talking about a decision which would be a major economic decision and is going to affect so many of our residents, if I were to make decisions like that, it would be, I think, the last one in my life, and I’d probably go out on a limb to call it a life-changing decision,» he said.

«To go through with it would mean that the children from my inner city neighbourhood wouldn’t have any other option but to walk their dogs with me today.»

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Police arrest 14 in drug raids

Police arrest 14 in drug raids

MICHIGAN COUNTY — Prosecutors have arrested 15 people in connection with a drug ring that netted $15,000 in drugs, more than 400 guns and a home in Westland.

Officials with the Michigan State Police Crime Lab say they seized a lot of drugs from an abandoned vehicle in the 500 block of West Monroe Avenue. Police say a group of suspects stole and sold «numerous weapons and items» over the course of several days, including a «handgun, pistols, and other weapons.»

They say officers on patrol in the area intercepted a suspicious vehicle on June 10.

The suspect’s parents called 9-1-1 around 2:30 a.m. after the vehicle’s odometer read 62,500 and they began getting nervous, the police report states.

In a phone conversation with police, they say the father told them his son had bought at least two guns and a box of ammunition since the beginning of the month. He’s a big fan of the movie Kill Bill, the report states. The father told police he had ju더킹카지노st gotten a brand new gun for his son and was preparing to buy more when he received a phone call from police. Police said the police officer had been on scene and said they had discovered two vehicles in the street, so the officers went to the vehicles and went to the door.

During a search of both vehicles, officers discovered multiple boxes of ammunition and multiple drugs.

Officers say they took six guns and a number of weapons, including a gun, a BB gun and two.22-caliber revolvers and four rifles.

The suspects are facing charges of:

Bereavement우리카지노 Neglect. A 12-year-old boy was taken to the hospital with injuries that he says were no카지노 사이트t life threatening, and he was charged with attempted homicide, armed criminal action, burglary with a dangerous weapon and criminal flight.