Aurora on notice to spark up anti-discrimination bill

Aurora on notice to spark up anti-discrimination bill

The City Council is expected to hear arguments Monday in the trial of an anti-discrimination measure passed earlier this year, which critics say has the unintended consequence of discouraging businesses from hiring LGBTQ people.

This week, Aurora police are asking local businesses in the city to apply for a city ordinance banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The city was one of 30 cities across the country to call a summit in January to take stock of existing laws addressing the issue, and the city’s efforts could ultimately lead to legal changes on the issue.

Under the proposal, employers would still be able to fire someone based on sexual orientation and gender identity but would not be able to fire people for race or religion.

Businesses would have 90 days to notify police if예스카지노 they wanted their jobs affected. The ban could take effect by April, and if approved, employers in the city would receive about $1.2 million in annual economic impact from the measure.

«The business climate will adapt to the new policy,» said Aurora Councilwoman Sue Sexton, chairman of the business committee that passed the measure. «If we do not adjust our culture to the fact that this is a significant issue, then I think it’s going to be a lot of people coming to our door.»

The measure has met criticism from gay and lesbian businesses in the Aurora area. They have said that the ordinance would be counter-productive to LGBT efforts to promote equality and equal treatment under state and federal law.

«This is going to be an uphill fight,» said Jim Wilson, president of the Colorado LGBT Chamber of Commerce. «They’ve taken a big step today and we want to keep doing this.»

Aurora, a predominantly white, suburban city of about 11,000 people, currently allows businesses to keep employment decisions out of personnel decisions. About 2바카라,700 are gay, lesbian or transgender employees and 1,60더킹카지노0 are out.

The city says it is trying to build a culture of inclusion with the ordinance.

«We think it’s very important that we start to recognize this as something that all business members ought to consider when they start to come out,» said Dan Cappello, who was the city’s deputy mayor from 2011 to 2014. «We’re still going to encourage those businesses, particularly gay and lesbian, that need to be comfortable with having employees with different sexual orientations and backgrounds.»

Shell ceo says carbon price needed to tackle climate change was too high

Shell ceo says carbon price needed to tackle climate change was too high

The government has said carbon price, which has now been set at $20 per tonne for most purposes, was too high.

Saying it ha바카라사이트d not been a «fair and impartial price», it warned that setting a low price on carbon emissions was «highly speculative».

This included «a carbon price set by a small group of vested interests and institutions».

Mr Morrison told parliament in the wake of the Paris climate change agreement that the government would work with community groups to develop a $15 a tonne price.

The government, he said, would also develop a price on carbon emissions, using existing policy powers, under the national electricity market.

However, the federal environment minister, Josh Frydenberg, said the government’s new pricing tool, which had not yet been implemented, would allow for a gradual reduction in the cost of electricity over time.

Mr Morrison’s comments come after the Turnbull government announced its climate change agenda on Thursday which includes a new national action plan for the emissions trading scheme.

Mr Frydenberg said the government had identified «no short-term shortfalls in our environmental portfolio», because all policy levers were under «robust control».

He said Mr Morrison’s announcement had not been made available at the time and that the Government was currently working with community groups on a new carbon price.

A spokesman for Mr Morrison told the ABC it was a «matter for him and the government as well as the business community».

Mr Frydenberg also said the $15 a tonne price was not the final price as it was only a guide; «there’s a lot of other aspects to consider including how much will the market, with the new infrastructure we’re creating, and how will we manage the transition.»

«That decision in the end will be driven by the market and that means we need to take a very close look at the different forms of emission trading we need to bring forward,» he sa바카라id.

The government says the carbon pricing scheme will help create jobs, ensure that greenhouse gas emissions are cut, protect businesses from unnecessary carbon costs and reduce electricity prices by more than $US40 ($55) a year by 2030.

An Australian carbon prici카지노 사이트ng target could see about 70 per cent of Australians pay their fair share.


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Bhp billiton fined 250000 over preventable death

Bhp billiton fined 250000 over preventable death

The death of a teenager who was found alive last week in Australia’s largest river is being investigated by police as a preventable homicide.

The teenager, whom police described as a virgin who weighed 13 kilograms (22 pounds), was found in the Kalgoorlie River on Septembe더킹카지노r 22 in the Adelaide Hills.

A coroner has issued a note to police stating that due to the teenager’s «recent physical condition» the circumstances were «unreasonably suspicious» and the girl’s cause of death could not be ascertained.

The report comes days after police released a statement confirming that they are taking a fresh look at whether it could have been a homicide.

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The teen, identified as a 19-year-old, was taken into custody by officers when he tried to get out of the Kalgoorlie River on September 22.

«The circumstances surrounding this young lady’s death are truly exceptional and cause for urgent attention at this time.» Chief Inspector Mike van Wyk said in a statement.

While the cause of death and the identity of the teenager are not currently known, the Coroner has previously issued a note claiming the cause of death is «unreasonably suspicious».

Kelvin Hunt had been released on the condition he do not drink, smoke or take drugs and was currently studying at his grandmother’s house.

His mother, Laura Hunt, said her son was so «out of sorts» at the time of his death.

«He was a little downbeat, he was just a little off. I told him I loved him, I 바카라사이트was going to do everything I could to make sure he got well but he wouldn’t listen,» she told Sky News.

At the time of his death, Kelvin had not left his room as he had agreed to do, and has since failed multiple drugs and failed to attend school.

In the report to police, coroner Fiona McBride described the circumstances of Kelvin Hunt’s death as «unreasonably suspicious».

She added: «It is unusual for someone such as this young woman to die of a preventable incident.»

Kelvin’s cousin Kristine Hunt said he was a young woman with no history of trouble.

«She was just a sweet, beautiful girl who had the greatest더킹카지노 love,» she told Nine News.

«It’s just a horrible feeling that it wa