Barossa winemaker bob mclean dies at 99

Barossa winemaker bob mclean dies at 99

CLOSE Bob Mclean died Friday after a year-long battle with a brain tumour. USA TODAY

As a child, Bob Mclean loved to make beer, especially his favorite, the American red ale.

Mclean was the son of a German-born farmhand who was a small town business owner and farmer.

But when Mclean started to suffer a brain tumor in 1994, his family knew it was time to take some time off work. So his sister, Nancy, d카지노 사이트ecided to make a bottle with red fruits for him to keep for years to come.

«After 15 years, Bob was done,» her husband said. «At 99 years old, Bob has the perfect beer for all ages.»

Mclean’s brother, Rick, remembers the family’영천출장안마s celebration. «When we got it, it had more than 1,000 bottles.»

The mausoleum is being renovated as part of the Bob Mclean Jr. Family Memorial Day Celebration on Sunday.

CLOSE Bob Mclean, the famous winemaker who died last month, was 99 years old. The family has built a memorial to celebrate his life. Joe Pagsnicer

CLOSE He was one of the best winemakers in the world. Bob Mclean’s grandson, Nick Mclean, who was born after his brother’s death says it’s just amazing that Bob passed on to us his memories of his dad. Joe Pagsnicer

The celebration will feature a carillon, klezmer and other traditional songs from the region that was home to Mclean’s roots.

The new «Gulf Coast Hall of Fame» is on display on the grounds.

«He’s an American icon,» Nick Mclean said in a telephone interview with USA TODAY Sports. «I really think it’s important to honor that. He made this happen and to him, he was just a part of it.»

Joe Pagsnicer, a friend of Mclean’s from his childhood in Washington, said he hopes the memorial to his uncle will inspire other winemakers to build on his legacy.

«In my view, he was the kindest and most gracious brewer ever,» Pagsnicer said. «He would go out of his way to do good thin구미안마gs for other people. He made something from nothing.»

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