Australia recognises kosovos sovereignty,» said the spokesman, who declined to name the nation

Australia recognises kosovos sovereignty,» said the spokesman, who declined to name the nation.

Kosovo, a former independent province in eastern Serbia, was ruled by an ethnic Albanian, Slobodan Milosevic. Milosevic, elected president in 1999, is known as the architect of a 1990s Kosovo war, during which more than 100,000 people died, most of them civilians. The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has accused Milosevic of crimes against hum카지노 사이트anity and genocide against the ethnic Albanians living in Kosovo.

The Russian-born US diplomat was detained on 17 March when he left a New York hotel after a two-day visit with diplomatic friends.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has called the Russian diplomat’s visit «a very serious matter». Kerry’s spokesman, Victoria Nuland, s바카라사이트aid the US welcomed the «tremendous progress» in the fight against «terrorist groups in eastern Ukraine». She also said the US would continue to train a rapid response force to protect US personnel and cargo in eastern Ukraine.

우리카지노Earlier this month, the UN said it was confident the situation in eastern Ukraine was no longer a «serious crisis» and it condemned the «horrific abuses» committed by Ukrainian forces.

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova rejected the UN’s call for an immediate cessation of hostilities, pointing to Russia’s commitment to support its Baltic neighbours and saying it had not withdrawn its forces from Ukraine.

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Govt urged to expand water saving plan

Govt urged to expand water saving plan

Water is precious but the government has to look at how it can save it, says an IGP spokesperson. Water savings for water treatment and storage can add Rs. 8 to Rs. 40 crores a year, he said. «The government has made sure that it is well funded and is working on increasing expenditure to achieve this target,» he said.

The minister did not give an estimate of what jarvees.comthe government will achieve by the end of fiscal 2017-18, but sources said that the target of saving 5-6 per cent of per unit of ener바카라gy consumption by 2020 has been raised.

This is a major focus for the ministry.

«Even though the target is not concrete yet, we’re looking at other approaches,» the IGP spokesperson said. «We’re doing more with solar, and even the cost of water is being managed more carefully now.»

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